Corona: We should decide now whether we want to introduce the effective Chinese Social Credit System or not!

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The pandemic has considerably intensified global system competition. The Chinese Social Credit System is total surveillance, but it is also a full-care mentality that some German politicians feel they have to offer their citizens. It has been proven that there are fewer infected people and fewer deaths in China.

If we want to achieve democracy in digitalisation, we have to establish a consistent counter-concept to the Chinese Social Credit System. This can only be a concept that puts the responsible citizen in the foreground.

When I received vouchers for FFP2 masks at the weekend, I immediately asked myself when I could expect to be admitted to assisted living. Even Markus Söder thought that was too much paternalism, see .

If you take a walk through the city forest nowadays, you can see the result. Up to four people are walking next to each other, chatting away. It is almost impossible to keep your distance as an oncoming person. Why worry, the state will take care of it. Corona just shows that we were doing so well for many years that a not insignificant proportion of citizens have given up their own self-protection reflexes in favour of a full-supply mentality. If that is what we want, then we should not do things by halves. Social Credit System without ifs and buts for all (some functionaries should possibly be excluded from this because of the diagnosis „independent thinking“)!

Admittedly, the FFP2 mask campaign also annoys me because it costs 2.4 billion euros. 30 euros for every German citizen over 10 years is exactly the sum I demand to provide every German with a technical infrastructure in the form of a European digital system (EU-D-S) with which they could move anonymously and self-determinedly on the internet without restricting the access of the state in individual cases and after a court order. Since the operation of the EU-D-S would be profitable, this would guarantee the foundation for many years of digital democracy.

In such a complex attack scenario as the pandemic offers, it is of no use to send out means-testing vouchers to everyone. This signals: „Redeem the vouchers, have the mask in your pocket and everything will be fine.“

It is true that we currently have a very high threat level from the new mutations, but that is precisely why we must focus on self-responsibility and not on paternalism. It would help me on walks to have an annoying beep that would save me from comments that are regularly met with incomprehension when I fall short of the distance.

The current digitalisation is a dangerous and complex attack scenario on democracy comparable to Corona. Hopefully, we will soon have overcome Corona. Most people have the opportunity to protect themselves well against Corona. Protecting ourselves against surveillance and manipulation in the digital world without EU-D-S, on the other hand, is almost impossible. The loss of our self-determination will be with us for many generations to come if we do not make the right decisions now. Digital concepts must be a European issue, which is why I am currently trying to establish concepts in the EU that preserve self-determination, see .

Adapting democracy to digitalisation is hard work. Since the necessary societal change was slept through for many years, we now need a considerable speed of implementation to preserve the pre-digital achievements. We need to conserve what was important to us in the past and implement existing digital solutions for this as quickly as possible. We now need a new system in which self-determination is worthwhile. Then it will take a long time until all people have internalised the changed expectations.

If politicians, empowered by the challenges of the Corona pandemic, do not now get their act together to support an EU D-S, systems comparable to a social credit system will also prevail in our country because of their efficiency!

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